About Us

JB interactive is a company that specialises in web development and on-line digital services. We have over 15 years of experience in providing on-line solutions for a wide range of industries and markets.

We embrace agile methodologies to enable us to effectively identify the requirements, manage the project throughout it’s life cycle, with a constant flow of two-way communication and feed back with our clients.

Every web site that we build is robust, scalable, standards compliant and rigorously tested across the leading web browsers running on a wide range of platforms. Whether your are running Microsoft™ Windows or Mac OS X, we ensure your web site will render consistently across all of these environments, without impacting your user’s overall experience.

Please check out our extensive range of services we can provide for all of our clients.

Who are we?

jeff gosdenJeff GosdenManaging DirectorJeff Gosden: LinkedIn Profile

As an innovator of ideas and solutions, I bring a wealth of experience in new technology. From e-commerce, mobile and web applications through to database management and coding architecture, I strive to give every project a leading edge.

barbara gosdenBarbara GosdenAccount ManagementBarbara Gosden: LinkedIn Profile

I keep the wheels of the business moving, whilst liaising with clients directly when necessary and on occasion, give the guys a nudge when I think they need it.

chris gosdenChris GosdenCreative Lead

On occasion, I help out with the creative decision making, providing a critical eye for initial designs and ideas before they get in front of the client. I’m also the founder of inksquatch, a collective of people who produce a diverse range of image-driven products.