Performance Tuning

The attention span for most people is very limited in this day and age, which is especially true when surfing the web. If your web site is performing poorly, slow to load or difficult to navigate, then you are losing traffic and potential business.

We adopt the leading techniques to help improve the performance of a web site, ranging from reducing the number of server requests per page, to image optimisation.

Implementing caching techniques and data compression all help to increase the through-put of your web site’s performance.

Sometimes implementing the tuning techniques mentioned above is not enough and we have to dig deeper into the possible root cause of a degraded performance. We can analyse the database and the underlying code, adding table indexes for slow queries, suggest re-writing and optimisation of code … it’s all part of the service.

Performance improvements are not just about how quickly your site loads but can also relate to how your site performs with general usability and readability. We can provide you with a honest and informative web site critique to help with building a more efficient and successful website.