Planning, Site-maps & Wire-frames

The main stage for any given project is the planning stage. Get this stage right and in most cases, the project should go according to plan, on time and on budget.

Using the wire-frame approach saves so much time in portraying to the client how their web site will function and get the basic page layouts, along with key features out-lined, before we even engage with any creative input. Only when the client has signed-off the functional requirements, site-map and wire-frames will we engage with the creative side of a project.

Most creative designers like the fact we can provide them with a site map and accompanying wire-frames, as this gives them a clear picture of the client’s requirements and consistent layouts. Hence knowing that this initial stage is signed off saves both time and money.

A picture paints a thousand words and we love creating wire-frames and mock-ups for our clients, which leaves no room for misunderstandings or changes being wrongly conveyed.